No.33387 White leather Silver (白レザー シルバー)

No.33387 White leather Silver (白レザー シルバー)

販売価格 / Price: 36,300円(税込)


チェーンストラップに替えて楽しめる別売りのレザーベルトも販売しております。(ベルト1本 ¥8800)

You can purchase at the same time a leather belt, sold separately, that you can enjoy replacing the chain strap. (1 belt ¥8800)
Add White belt / 白ベルト追加 (任意):

販売価格 / Price: 36,300円(税込)

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TOKYO BOPPERバッグコレクションから新シリーズが始まります!

TOKYO BOPPERでは初となるチェーンストラップ。


TOKYO BOPPERのバッグで毎日のオシャレをより楽しくお過ごしください♪

本体サイズ 高さ23cm × 幅18cm × マチ5cm

TOKYO BOPPER bag collection is starting a new series!
The new series is called "Hanabi Bag", and it has a stylish decoration designed to look like fireworks.

This is the first TOKYO BOPPER bag with a chain strap.
It is a versatile type that can be changed to double, triple, or quadruple the length and the way you like to hold it!
It is also recommended to shorten it a bit and use it as a handbag.
Enjoy the atmosphere not only with the chain strap, but also with the leather belt that you can purchase additionally♪

The round metal ornaments reflect the light and create a more luxurious feeling.
The main body is made of cowhide. It has a smooth texture and an elegant luster. It has a wonderful atmosphere that only genuine leather can provide.

The pockets on the back and the wide gusset.
These are not only cute, but functional as well!
TOKYO BOPPER bags will make your daily life more fun and fashionable.

Size / Width 18cm × Height 23cm × A gusset 5cm
Chain strap max / 130cm
Manufacturing Country / Japan

*Not eligible for discount.*