No.121 / Black R (黒R)

No.121 / Black R (黒R)

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This design is built relatively large compared to normal models of the same size.
The "23cm" corresponds to a normal size "23.5cm" in Japan.
他們家的鞋子都比一般版型在大一號 ex:平時穿23.5他們家要穿23

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つま先厚 : 5.5センチ
かかと厚 : 7センチ
ヒール高 : 1.5センチ

※ リボンはあくまでも装飾です。
ストレッチ素材は伸縮率や塑性に限界があります。強く伸ばし過ぎると伸び・破れや故障の原因になります。必ず編み上げのブーツをしっかり締めてご着用下さい。 綺麗な状態で履き続ける為にも、どうぞご注意下さい!


A unique pair of boots reminiscent of plaster bandages!
The signature bandage stretchtape allows a variety of creative expression - tie it in a ribbon either on the front or rear, tuck it in like a disheveled mummy, or wrap loosely for a voluminous effect.

Underneath the bandaging are laced boots that securely hold your legs, so you can feel free to play around and experiment with the exterior ribbons all you like!
The attachment on the heels are made to resemble hip-bags.

Heels are set at a relatively low height of 7cm (2.76in). They're comfortable to walk in and a great pair for anyone trying platforms for the first time.

The upper material is high-tech imitation leather - the same type used in automobiles. Despite its advanced industrial application its gentle colors add a soft and fashionable impression.
*Please note that the ribbons can not be detached.

In addition, these platforms afford more stability than their looks might suggest. And coupled with the lightweight material they provide for a very comfortable walking experience.

These cute yet light and strong boots should prove indispensable in your quest for unconventional style.

Please note that the ribbons are there for decorative purposes only and have limits to their elasticity and ductility. Overstretching may lead to tearing or damage. Make sure to tie the inner laces securely when in use.

Toe Thickness / 5.5cm (2.2in)
Heel Thickness / 7cm (2.76in)
Heel Elevation / 1.5cm (0.6in)
Upper Material / Synthetic leather
Sole Material / Rubber, Synthetic Resin
Manufacturing Country / Japan

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