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*Delivery to some countries and regions has been suspended due to Covid-19. If you order, we will send it to you when delivery resumes.
*Please note that the resumption of delivery is subject to circumstances.


*由於Covid-19,已暫停向某些國家和地區的交貨。 如果您訂購,我們將在交貨恢復後將其發送給您。


*由于Covid-19的影响,部分国家和地区的供货已经暂停。 如果您下单,我们会在恢复送货时给您发送。

우리는 현재 무료 배송을 제공하고 있습니다!
세계 어디서나 무료 배송!

* Covid-19로 인해 일부 국가 및 지역으로의 배송이 중단되었습니다. 주문하면 배송이 재개되면 보내드립니다.
* 배송 재개는 상황에 따라 달라질 수 있습니다.

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There are two methods for customers living overseas to purchase TOKYOBOPPER's products.
Since the price and local support depend on your purhcase method, so please pick the service that is best for you.

《Overseas shipping》
Option 1) The cheapest method is through the official web shop. Through the official webshop, you will just pay the item price and shipping fee.
Our staff will respond to your queries directly. However, our customer support may not be able to support you in your local language, or may use a machine translation.
Please refer to the ordering instructions below to place your order.
You can ask questions through "Contact", or use the Instagram DM to ask questions.

Option 2) You can purchase using a forwading service that ships products overseas.
While the service charges a small fee, it provides customer support in English, Chinese and Korean support.
Use the services of Tenso.com

《Delivery to hotel》
If you are visiting Japan and wish for your purchase to be delivered to your hotel, please use credit card to purchase.
Please submit your order in advance as the delivery will take 2 to 3 days.


1) 有关如何仅以国内价格和海外运费购买的详细信息,请参阅此处。这种方式最便宜。
您可以通过 "联系 "提问,或使用Instagram DM提问。

2) 如果您想在日本以国内价格购买,您还可以通过以下转账服务购买商品,并支付少量费用:


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*Also in case of importing to the UK or some country, you may be required to pay import duty and other processing fees before you receive the item.
If you leave these fees unpaid for a certain amount of time the package will be shipped back to us, so please take caution.