No.922 / 黒

No.922 / 黒

販売価格: 19,440円(税込)

当店通常価格 (税込): 25,920円

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This design is built relatively large compared to normal models of the same size.This model is made rather narrow
The "23cm" corresponds to a normal size "23.5cm" in Japan.
他們家的鞋子都比一般版型在大一號 ex:平時穿23.5他們家要穿23

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"TOKYO BOPPER"の7cmソール・バレリーナシューズ!



それが"TOKYO BOPPER"のバレリーナシューズです!

つま先厚 : 5.5センチ
かかと厚 : 7 センチ
ヒール高 : 1.5センチ


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In contrast to the classy black-sole models this pair has the innocent countenance of a young girl.

The upper material is high-tech imitation leather - the same type used in automobiles. Despite its advanced industrial application its gentle colors add a soft and fashionable impression.

The heel is set at 7cm (2.6in) a relatively easy height to wear for those trying platforms for the first time.
(Soles look white in the photo, but are actually close to a pale, soft shade of beige)

And don't be fooled! With specially treated soles, these shoes have a stability you wouldn't guess from their looks, making them surprisingly comfortable to walk in.
It's a model that's made to be lighter on both your feet and your wallet!
The cute and versatile ballerinas should prove indispensable to the fun-loving fashionphile.

Toe Thickness / 5.5cm (2.2in)
Heel Thickness / 7cm (2.76in)
Heel Elevation / 1.5cm (0.6in)
Upper Material / Synthetic leather
Sole Material / Rubber, Synthetic Resin
Manufacturing Country / Japan

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